My name is Martin Proksch. I am from Austria, born in Vienna and relocated to Switzerland in 2015. I studied Law and Business Administration at the Vienna University of Business (WU Wien) and after my Master's degree started to pursue my career in Human Resources consulting and later on in global Human Resources roles in  multinational companies.

I started my studies in person-centered psychotherapy in Vienna in 2012 at APG- IPS. As part of my education I worked with teenagers in the "ökids" foundation and further developed my practical experience in a clinical setting in the  hospital "Otto Wagner Spital" working with adults of all ages and a wide range of psychiatric diagnoses. Since 2019 I have obtained the status as "psychotherapist in training under supervision" in Austria, enabling me to work with clients in an independent setting.

The reason I chose to become a person-centered therapist is that this therapy always leaves the power with the client- we believe you have the resources to "heal" yourself. What I offer you is a relationship that is caring, genuine, accepting and in that sense non-judgemental. What I particularly like is that we do not believe diagnoses are important for the therapeutic process, they sometimes even create labels and narrow our perspective. The person-centered therapy is - as the name suggests - centered around the person and the approach highly customised which means I will always tailor my ways of working to each of my client's needs and their specific situation.

My working languages are English, German and French.