What is psychotherapy?

Maybe you are feeling low, worry about everything, have trouble sleeping at night cause you cannot switch off? Maybe a relationship is causing you trouble? Or you feel you have no energy left in you to face your everyday challenges?

Whatever you feel in this very moment, I would be happy to offer you my professional support. Therapy is a process of personal growth and helps you get in touch with your true self. It is not a process that comes without grief, conflict or other strong emotions. However I have got the knowledge and the experience to be your side throughout this journey.

What is person-centered psychotherapy?

Person-centred psychotherapy is one of the most renowned and effective psychotherapies worldwide and was founded in the mid 20th century by Carl Rogers, one of the most famous psychologists to date. This therapy is different from others as we believe that every person looking for help in a counselor's practice is the expert for realizing one's own potential. I will accompany on this process through offering a real human-to-human relationship that is accepting in a non-judgmental way and based on empathy, genuineness and caring.

This will allow you to become more self-accepting and show more empathy towards your own feelings and allow you to become more congruent with your own true self.